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Our Travels
Camping 2014 (upcoming)
Our second annual family camping trip! This time, it was Caswell Memorial State Park.  Right next to the Stanislaus River.  No animal mishaps! (Just a few hour circling of a search helicopter around the midnight hour.)
Another wonderful trip to Scotland!  This time we went for a 4-day excursion to Pitlochry and saw a couple of plays.  Beautiful area and fun plays.  We also went for a day to the Ceres 700th Highland Games.  A small one but well worth the trip!  Met lots of great people (new friends)!
Our semi-annual Northern California jaunt included a camping trip to Samuel P. Taylor State Park this time.  We had a great group site which we filled with 6 tents, a stand-alone hammock, and lots of coolers and various cooking gear.  We only had one raccoon mishap!  This may become an annual family thing…  We were also taken to The Melting Pot, our first trip there — thanks to the Urbans!
We visited the cousins we met during last year's Scotland trip. What a fun trip (even though we missed a couple activities)! We ended up visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. We had a great drive up and back too!
A special trip to Scotland to celebrate 80th and 60th birthdays.  We went with a couple of cousins and met three there.  Playing tour guide was loads of fun.  Finally was able to visit the refurbished Portencross Castle.  It was a special treat since we are "Guardians".  It was fantastic seeing old friends and making new ones!
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