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A little more about Sharky…
There's more to Sharky than just sharks!
Right now, we live in California.  We would like to retire to Northern California but there may be other places that we would consider that could be almost as nice!

Here's the weather forecast for my part of the world:

We actually have a microclimate where we are so the weather up here may not be the same as the "flatlands".

I'm half-Japanese; half American (French/English/Scottish/German ancestry).  I haven't been to Japan yet but plan on going within the next few years.  All of my mom's family is still in Japan so it's a must!  I joined a great site for hapa/hafuu.  If you're a hapa like me, you should check out Halvsies!

My husband is of Russian and Scottish (plus others) ancestry.  Since we have family that lives in Scotland, we try to go every year.  We have many new friends there now.  I also belonged to a great Scottish group.  MSN got rid of Groups so some of us moved to Facebook.

If you've checked out my "You Can Help" page, you'll see lots of helpful links.

I am a WebShark and Graphic Artist (here are just just some of my creations).  I have created all the pages and many of the graphics here.

I also like pigs (an ex-roomie of mine had a pot-bellied pig) so my house is covered with sharks and pigs of all kinds.

As it said on my homepage, I love gourmet cooking.  I like to try all kinds of new and different things.  Other than Beef Wellington, some of my favorites are Paella, Carnitas, my Stuffed Flank Steak, and yummy desserts.  If you'd like any of my other recipes, just email me!