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Mako sharks are Sharky's favorites. They are a beautiful blue to silver to white in coloring and are very sleek-looking. They are a highly sought-after gamefish and are extremely fast swimmers. There are apparently no reported unprovoked attacks on humans by Makos.

Take the No Shark Fin Pledge!
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Shark Tank Cam (some sharks at Aquarium of the Pacific, US)
Open Sea Cam (some sharks at Monterey Bay Aquarium, US)
A News Story About Sharks (last updated: November 11, 2021)
Adopt a Shark!
List of Endangered Sharks (.pdf, 603K) this may be updated soon!

Just in case you didn't know why sharks are so awesome, check out this video by Tierney Thys

Another great video from Shark Stewards:

Here are a few links to find out more about sharks:

Shark Research Institute
  Shark Research Institute (SRI), a multi-disciplinary non-profit scientific research organization, was created to sponsor and conduct research on sharks and promote the conservation of sharks.
Shark Trust
  Set up to promote the study, conservation and management of sharks, skates and rays in the UK and internationally.
Sharks - Florida Museum of Natural History
  lots of great info and pics!
Sharks and Their Relatives
  a Seaworld Education Department resource
How Sharks Work
  on the How Stuff Works website
NOAA Fisheries Shark Website
  Sharks are a valuable part of marine ecosystems and NOAA Fisheries is committed to conserving shark populations.
All About Sharks
  from the site - great for kids!
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