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LA County
Fresh Foods Cafe340 Golden Shore, Long Beach
[July 2010]  I really like their food and I normally don't totally diss a place but had to make an exception here.  The last 2 times I've been there were less than spectacular.  In fact, the last time was absolutely unacceptable.  The second-to-last time, the sandwich was soggy (a bit too much sauce) and took longer than expected to get there.  The last time was almost beyond belief!  I waited 40 minutes for my food.  Yes, they were very busy but 40 minutes?!  It was like they lost my order.  After I FINALLY received my food, I asked to speak to the manager; waited 5 minutes or so but couldn't stick around because it was my lunch hour.  I decided to just take my food back to the office to eat.  When my dining companion went up and asked for a "to go" box, they couldn't even be bothered with that and just handed her a plastic bag.
I sent an email to them.  They finally responded after 3 days.  We met with them after 1 delay and the fact that they showed up 20 minutes late.  They came bearing gifts (LOVE the coffee!) and started off with apologies and the "I don't want to make excuses" then laid on a bunch of excuses.  LOL  I still have to credit them for trying.  We received an email for a free meal so I'll go back and try again.  I hope they get their act together because the menu is eclectic, fresh food is used, and they used to be spot on.  So, yes, try them if you're in the area (and let me know how it goes).
updated 21-Sep-2010