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the Borders
Melrose Abbey
Melrose Abbey  
Melrose Abbey is thought to be where the heart of Robert the Bruce is buried.  As you can see, it is undergoing major refurbishing. Unfortunately, we arrived there too early to go inside. (They don't open until 2 p.m. on sundays in the winter!)  
Dryburgh Abbey
Dryburgh Abbey  
Here is an almost full view of Dryburgh Abbey. Even though it's a ruin, it is still very beautiful and serene. This is where Sir Walter Scott is buried  
Dryburgh Abbey entrance  
This is the entrance to Dryburgh Abbey. As you can see from this view, there has been a lot of weathering and damage!  
Dryburgh Abbey - side view  
Here is a view from the side. The speck is me; all bundled up against the cold; thank goodness for fleece-lined suede jackets and hats and Uggs!  
Dryburgh Abbey - inside  
Here's a view from inside the abbey.  
Dryburgh Yew  
Here is the famous Dryburgh Yew. This tree is over 700 years old. It has made it into a book celebrating 100 of Scotland's most remarkable trees. As good as it looks, it should stand for at least another 700!  
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