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I adore sharks; everything about 'em. I have them, in one form or another, all over my home.  Even my 4x4 is named after them and has shark stickers on it. To learn more about sharks, go to my Sharks site. I love all kinds of marine life too. Here's a great dolphin site.

I love traveling, especially to Scotland and Hawaii! We usually go to Scotland and a new place once a year. We haven't made any really big trips except for Sedona with cousins last year. We haven't been to Scotland for almost three years now. We do the normal twice a year trip to visit cousins in Northern California. Since covid-19 hit, we've made no trips practicing stay-at-home. To see our travel pics, go to the Travels page.

Gourmet cooking is one of my passions (after sharks); I make a pretty mean Beef Wellie!
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